Our Investment Solutions

Our Investment Strategy
Custom Portfolio Management

Since our founding, we have specialized in custom portfolio management for our clients. The process begins with an evaluation of each client’s goals and risk profile. Normally, Holderness maintains discretionary trading authority over the account and makes buy/sell decisions based on our research conclusions.

Our discretionary stock selection is rooted in an in-depth bottom-up company analysis while acknowledging our consensus macroeconomic outlook. Our initial screen is for companies with a market cap of greater than $1 billion; i.e. large cap stocks with some mid cap exposure that have a position of leadership in their industry. We evaluate trends in growth of earnings and dividends, debt, and free cash flow, including the % of revenues derived from foreign sales. We also look for the existence of a catalyst that may drive fundamental growth for the company. Investments are then chosen to build a comprehensive diversified portfolio.

Holderness can customize these investments based on a client’s specific requests (e.g., investing in a specific sector/stock). Client service is handled by the Holderness team, and we can cater to unique client needs through cash management or trading services. Clients are scheduled for reviews of their performance and investment goals, and may call our office at any time to discuss their accounts. Holderness will also maintain non-discretionary accounts for clients under this solution if they have existing investments they would like to hold.