Our Approach

Holderness Door

We are an investment think tank. Holderness incorporates strategic tools and research in an effort to design an optimum mix of assets that are appropriate for each client’s financial objectives and tolerance for risk. 

Our philosophy at Holderness is centered in a contrarian and value style of investing.  This type of investing goes back to the roots of our markets where people invested in quality companies whose value was greater than their current share price.  For contrarians, we have seen throughout time that following the crowd can be disastrous.  “Out of the box” thinking and trading against the consensus can often lead to great investment opportunities.   

We feel confident that this value and contrarian strategy enhances the probability of substantial upside capital gains while limiting downside risks. Our objective is to position clients for performance in excess of appropriate benchmarks over a 2-4 year period in all market cycles. 

We closely follow current and forecasted monetary and fiscal policies, as well as political, social, and sector trends affecting our investments. Careful attention is given to global and macroeconomic trends that may have significant implications for long-term investment opportunities.  This outlook is valuable, because we feel investment analysis should be proactive and forward thinking in response to domestic and international affairs. In this regard, we analyze both quantitative and qualitative measures to identify investment opportunities.