Financial Advisors

At Holderness Investments, we partner with financial advisors to provide investment solutions for the advisor’s clients.  We provide strategies across custodial platforms, such as TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab, and select Broker-Dealers.

Investment Strategies:


PuzzleHolderness Investments focuses on investment research and global market trends.  We compliment the work of the advisor by monitoring current market conditions, and making strategic changes as necessary.  Timely market commentary and educational information is provided to the advisor as a template for client reviews, or as a value-added piece that can be emailed.

Vision Tactical Strategies


These actively managed model portfolios are designed to utilize a strategic and diversified mix of asset classes to establish a core portfolio for the client. This solution is thematic and derived from our macroeconomic outlook. The portfolios are constructed in response to our overall market viewpoint, so that the allocation may take advantage of tactical opportunities within the various asset classes. Clients will be able to choose one of five portfolios based on their risk profile. The portfolios are dynamic in that rebalancing will be utilized to maintain target allocations. Each portfolio will hold a combination of ETFs and/or mutual funds.

Strategy Fact Sheets:  Updated 9/30/2015


Custom Portfolio Consulting


As an advisor, you run across prospects with a variety of financial needs.  Financial assets can range from cash values in insurance policies to a brokerage account full of stocks.  This last area is where we can help.  Many money managers require an advisor to “sell all” assets to fit into the manager’s model portfolio.  This may not be an advisable strategy if the client has large unrealized gains in the portfolio, thus triggering a taxable event.

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We can review the client’s stock assets and discuss if there are changes that need to be made.  Our comprehensive research and analysis help to determine the intrinsic and relative value of each company; thereby, providing basis on whether or not to sell an existing position.  We can help manage taxes by offsetting gains and losses.  If there is a concentrated position, we can advise on risk control measures such as hedging or equity monetization.  Our goal would be to work with you and the client to monitor and manage the portfolio in the future in order to compliment the clients’ other assets.