Prezi Background_MG_6146Established in 1995, Holderness Investments Company is a money management firm in Greensboro, NC providing investment solutions for Private Wealth clients, Institutions, and Financial Advisors.  At Holderness, we seek to be a trustworthy steward of our clients’ financial assets.

We are an investment think tank.  Holderness Investments focuses on proprietary market research and analysis to find solutions for our clients.  The investment landscape has changed dramatically over the last 100 years.  We are trusted by our clients to continually monitor and evaluate global markets in search of attractive investment opportunities that will help them meet their goals.  


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Latest Blog Posts

Bank Risk to Energy Loans – Is it really a big deal??

By Charles Freeman, CFA  –   March 11, 2016

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Oil prices continue to be depressed due to increased global supply and record high inventory levels in the U.S. The glut has pressured energy producers, especially higher cost shale oil producers. These companies have done a number of cost cutting measures to circle the wagons and find a way to adjust to the new environment. Further, with Iran bringing on new supply, and limited cooperation among global producers, it looks likely these lower oil prices will persist.


Workers Coming Back!!

By Charles Freeman, CFA  –   March 4, 2016

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Today’s jobs reports yield mixed signals as to the status of the U.S. labor market. The headline jobs created number blew away the estimate, but average hourly earnings were lower than expected. There can be a fair amount of revisions to this data, so initial data has to be taken with some salt. On the whole, the market is reacting positively, suggesting the numbers are still indicative of a strong labor market, but not strong enough for the Fed to accelerate interest rate increases – a “win-win” for investors.


Hidden Inflation and Stronger Wages

By Charles Freeman, CFA  –   February 5, 2016

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The apparent consensus among investors seems to be that inflation will never be an issue again. 30 year Treasury note yields, a common proxy for inflation expectations, are nearly as low the stock market crash in 2008-09. Yet, unemployment has just dipped below 5% in the U.S. and wage gains are starting to trend above the average of the last few years. Since the unemployment rate has dropped so low, it is possible that the acceleration of wages could increase exponentially as there a fewer workers to draw from, thereby accelerating inflation pressure…